Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Walk Along a Swollen River

The park north of our house. There is a cement retaining wall that separates the swimming area of the river from a sidewalk and the benches. It's completely under water now.

The water in the foreground in the picture above, and seen below, is completely covering the walking path. Some tufts of trees are visible in the middle, with the river and the top of the island in the background on the photo above.

We expected to see fish in the water, too, but only ducks and seagulls on the path. The bike path is on the right of the picture.

A coyote across the river on the island. There was a small group of deer moving along the island behind him but he had eyes only for the swiftly moving water and us, on the other side of it.

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emilyedaves said...

Great pics! Trav went fishing yesterday and didn't have much luck -temp too low and debris too high ~only three keepers