Friday, May 27, 2011

For All That He's a Pre-teen...

he's still my baby.

A text message conversation with him, while he was at a friend's baseball game:

S: Spent all yor money mom... hot dog, corn nuts (tooth fell out), sno cone, seeds, and a bottle of water. Luv u

Me: Good boy! I love you too. Are you having fun? How's L's team doing?

S: There loseing by 1... Im having fun...

Me: It's losing, the e drops out with the suffix. Big kisses, glad you're having fun. Xoxo

S: Who cares mom, loseing losing same thing

Me: The Harvard application committee will care and so do I.

S: Ok wot ever... Luv u lots lol jk idk I luvz u mom xoxoxo

Me: U r fun E

S: Ur not good a thes im beter I hav pratice

Me: Freak.

S: I no id is 1

Me: Shut up and watch the game, goober.

S: L lost

Me: Big bummer. Sorry for him. Coming to get jammies? And a good night kiss?

S: And brush my teeth ok see u soon


Anonymous said...

Haha, I can only imagine what Preschooler's texts would look like (if he could text). What's worse is when my mom tries to text and accidentally misses letters in words so you have NO idea what she's saying!

sarah said...

So lovely and funny :-)

emilyedaves said...

LOVE it! So true to life :)

Amber said...

That was awesome and wonderful. Thanks for sharing. :D