Sunday, July 24, 2011

Still Stuck in Alaska...Chicken Massacre Part 2

No fish to speak of for days, still stuck here in this weirdly aborted season, at the mercy of Those In Charge who are quite reasonably trying to salvage what they can of the season. It hit hard and fast, we ran 24 hours for one week and then it dropped off dramatically. The tsunami in Japan? Global warming? The fish forgot where to go? Anything is possible.

And in the meantime, I am still here, twiddling my thumbs, spending too much money out on the town because of the sheer dreariness of life here in camp, and then I call home today to find out that while the family was out of town, something small broke in to the coop, killed Bunny (my favorite) and injured (the extent of which is still unknown) Ruby and Silvia. Apparently nothing is going to get to Gabby or Henrietta, the veterans. I feel completely removed from the whole situation. Had to talk Grace down, who cried and cried and wondered how she could ever be a veterinarian if she always cried when animals got hurt. I assured her that that wouldn't always be the case. Gave her a laundry list of things to do to help her feel like she's doing something for the remaining girls.

It's a weird summer, no doubt about it. I'll be very glad when it's over.