Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Day of School, Finally

At long last, school has come to our house, too. All the friends, whether homeschooled or public schooled, have been at the books for at least a week. I think this fact, along with too much summer (yes, it's possible), helped make the transition eagerly embraced around here.

Samuel went off to "real" school at Homelink, an Alternative Learning Environment which is run by the public schools. He's in 6th grade, taking classes two days a week and doing the rest of the work at home. After classes today, he decided he likes his Washington State history class and math classes best, with runners up being the Environmental Science and Physical Science classes. Since that's all of them at Homelink, I'd say that's pretty good.

Grace is still mostly schooled at home although she'll have "workshops" at Homelink one day a week: art, creative writing, drama, and martial arts.

And Dave? Well, he's not actually back to school until next week. Today he worked on the first of two very overdue book reviews that he needs to write. He got it done and finally swapped his pajamas for biking clothes after lunch. Good day for Dad.

And I worked on my sweater while helping Grace remember her times facts. Lady napped.