Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Technology Conquered

In other words, I figured out that the camera is fine, it just doesn't upload pictures if that little cord thingy isn't plugged in.

Here are the pictures that should have gone with the previous few posts:

Samuel took it upon himself to shovel out some grass area for our stir-crazy chickens last week. They loved it and we loved it when he made a winding path that they were forced to follow--chickens don't like walking on snow.

Self-portrait by Grace.

Inspired by a character in "Little Women," which I am reading to the kids, Samuel thought he'd try out "Ivanhoe." I think the combination of itty-bitty print and archaic language forced him to abandon the book soon after this picture was taken.

Out and about, finally.

Our chickens haven't yet got the word that they aren't supposed to be laying much during the winter. We're still pulling in between two and four eggs a day.

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