Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Well-Kneaded Dough

Sitting on the deck with Grace this morning, eating apple puff pancake, watching the chickens scratch under the hedge for bugs. Lovely gentle breeze, grass so green, lavender in bloom, chimes in the distance, blue blue blue clear sky, not yet oppressive as it will be later in the summer.

Although not spoken of, Alaska is constantly on our minds. This morning, Grace asked me if she went without earrings for 5 weeks, would her holes close up? I must go without earrings while in Alaska, hence the question. "Yes, you're still growing, your holes are pretty new. My ears don't close up in that time, but maybe if I went for a year they would. I've had the holes a lot longer than you." After a little pause to think about it, Grace replied, "It's like well-kneaded dough. When you pull dough out after kneading it, it goes back into place. My ears would go back quickly because the dough hasn't been kneaded that long. Your holes would go back into place more slowly because they've been kneaded a lot longer."

A great image. It's amazing the things my very imaginative, bright young girl thinks up.

On a completely different note, this is the first post I've made on my new Netbook. Dave got me set up with my blog, email, and skype. It'll be a new experience for me, being in electronic contact for the first time ever in my Alaska career. I think it'll help significantly with the loneliness and homesickness.


Anonymous said...

that grace is a smarty pants (:

I'll have to have her over while you're gone so we can bake together

Kitchen Mama said...

Awesome. She'd love it.