Friday, June 18, 2010

Grace's First All-Girl Birthday

A new soccer outfit for Felicity and a new American Girl doll, Kaya.
Horses and dolls--her greatest passions now outside sports.

After 8 years of sharing a birthday party with her brother, usually dominated by boy guests, Grace finally got her own party with three girlfriends. And guess what? I forgot to take a picture of her party. The girls played at the park: badminton, rock climbing, wading in the river, tag. They took breaks to eat potato chips, sip on orange soda, and talk about girl things.

Girl parties, I noticed, are a lot different from boy parties. For one thing, they are so much more civilized. No shouting, pushing, arguments. At least for now.

One extra special friend came back with us for a sleepover. The girls set up their sleeping area in the basement, played until it started to get dark, then watched "A League of Their Own" together before bed.

So sweet, my little girl who is no longer the chubby-faced shy one, but a tall, lithe, athletic ball of energy. Now that she's nine, she is already plotting a party for the magical number ten.

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