Monday, October 10, 2011

Dinner Part 2

Pure laziness (and a desire to not put those jeans back on, thank you very much) has driven me to make pasta from scratch tonight. I thought I was getting away with an easy dinner (after all that rhapsodizing about making dinner for the family, routine, etc. etc.) tonight by using a jar of TJs pasta sauce and some hamburger. Only to find that there is nary a twig of dry pasta to be found in my lovely built-in pantry circa 1948. The dilemma: switch out of sweatpants for a quick grocery run, or make it at home. I know, there is a certain perverseness in the whole situation--who thinks making pasta from scratch is easier than running to the store? Me, if it means trying to look presentable and having to drive at "rush" hour.

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emilyedaves said...

I myself am planning a delectable italian dish for Hailey's birthday and decided yesterday as I reached the top freezer shelf for the HEAVY whipping cream that I too must lack the desire to put those jeans back on (calorically speaking)