Friday, June 3, 2011

Farmer's Market

There is much more market behind me and to the sides--I'm shy with the camera and didn't want to freak anyone out with my picture-taking.

A gigantic panic attack broadsided me this morning when, in a phone conversation with a friend, I realized that I am leaving for Alaska two weeks from this coming Sunday.

The remedy for a panic attack? Hop on the bike and head out to the 2011 Opening Day of our Farmer's Market. Came home with potted chives and mint (the chickens decimated my mint this year), fresh garlic, mustard greens, itty bitty salad onions, cilantro (to make cilantro pesto!), and sugar snap peas. Asparagus and strawberries abounded, but as I have both at home right now, and Dave is gone and the kids don't like asparagus that much... I had to pass.

Now I've got to work on breathing to take the edge off of the omnipresent panic, saute up some mustard greens and asparagus, and start tackling the gigantic "to-do" list.


emilyedaves said...

I knew there was someplace I wanted to be this morning :) I love the farmer's market, maybe I'll find my way there next friday...

MilkMaid09 said...

Tomorrow is our Opening Day of the Farmer's Market. I'm headed there to sell my goat milk soaps. I'm super excited as I've never even really been to one!