Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Calming the Monkeys

It's one of those days where I really don't have an overwhelming amount of work to do--just the regular chores--but I am still feeling oppressed by the chattering, cavorting, disruptive monkeys banging around in my head. My thoughts keep jumping from one worry to another, from one chore or task still undone to another, and they stop only long enough for me to get a vague sense of an unidentifiable emotion. So I have all this noise in my head, my emotions are being tugged back and forth from one extreme to the other, and I can't seem to slow it down right now.

What I'd like to do is put all of the monkeys aside and curl up with a good book or with my banjo. Neither is going to happen.

Instead, I need to once again remind myself to breathe. This influx of oxygen seems to quiet the monkeys a bit. Maybe if I just keep remembering to focus on one breath at a time, the monkeys will go somewhere else and I'll be able to concentrate fully on the remaining tasks of the day.


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