Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend Images

The week flew by so quickly and now here it is Sunday afternoon. In the past week I taught my first four classes of French--a lot of trial and error, figuring out how to use the textbook, learning my students' abilities, adapting this one more task to my busy schedule--made a quick run to Walla Walla to see the grannies; and drove to Seattle and back in one day to deliver comfort goods for the Alaska barge.

A couple images from the week:

As Samuel calls it, "The First Injury of the Summer" happened while I was in Seattle. Playing whiffle ball with the neighbor boy, Sam fell into a bunch of wood, causing a huge splinter to wedge itself into his knee. First time ever--he asked Grace to bring him tweezers, he pulled out the splinter himself, dabbed up the blood, and went back to playing. I guess he's growing up.

Daily banjo practicing. Fluffy immediately jumped up behind me when I sat down to practice. Still trying to make "Old Molly Hare" sound good and now trying to learn "Sugar Hill" which asks for a lot more skill. Considering having another banjo sent up to Naknek--when I think of what I'll make in the 6 weeks there, maybe another banjo isn't a bad idea. Sometimes a gal just needs more than one banjo.

I bought my first bunch of local asparagus today, the first of the season. We'll have roasted asparagus with leftover chili tonight and for tomorrow night, an asparagus & goat cheese frittata for an early birthday dinner (complete with a lovely bottle of Maryhill White). The actual birthday on Tuesday will be spent at a baseball game, of course.

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Anonymous said...

What a busy week you've had. The first week of classes is always the toughest; it'll get easier now.

That "boo boo" looks sore--Samuel certainly was brave and mature to handle it all on his own. Good for him!

I love how Fluffy settled in behind you while you were playing your Banjo. My new feline friend "Spooky" always comes and lays on the back of the couch near my head while I'm knitting. It's nice to have their company and support, isn't it?

And, mmm that asparagus does look yummy!