Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The List of "Shoulds"

As in, I should be:

**writing a quiz on passé composé
**getting the pot roast ready to put in the oven for dinner
**watering the yard
**running another load of laundry

Instead, I took the dog for a long walk.

Spring is hanging on hard here. I know I shouldn't complain because we really do have terrific weather, all things considered, but after a while the wind, the rain, and a constant diet of 50-60 degree days (when by now we are usually up in the 70s) starts to wear on a gal. I am exhausted from the weekend (Granny's 95th went swimmingly; Easter goodies and company wonderful), exhausted from carpooling (and thinking about the gas prices), exhausted from sitting out in aforementioned yucky weather for hours at a time watching baseball and/or soccer games. There is no end in sight of the busy-ness and really, that is how it should be, right? For without all that goes on, I would be lonely, uninspired, and bored.

Faced with all the shoulds and feeling weighted down by the wind, again, I decided to embrace it all, put off the shoulds a little longer (why not prolong the anguish?), and headed out into the weather with the dog. And all in all, it was a good decision. I cleared up my head a little; listened to wood doves, red-winged blackbirds, geese; saw four little goslings battling to make it up river with nary a parent in sight; sat on the beach and watched the clouds roll over head while the dog sniffed at the grass and gulped river water.

I came home to find my new book by the authors of the Root Simple blog had arrived (thanks Mom!), the chickens had left me three eggs (we are having some egg issues--a couple of the girls are laying eggs with rubbery shells a couple times a week--not suitable for collecting, to say the least), the dirty dishes were still in the sink, and dinner is still to be made. Oh, and the quiz is to be written.

However, I am grateful for it all. I'll grind up some coffee beans, put on the kettle, make myself a mean cup of joe, and get cracking. Maybe I'll even find a corner of time in which to curl up on the couch and peruse my new book.

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homehum said...

When I am really busy, I really value the time I have to do the things I love. When I have lots of free time, I easily get down-in-the-dumps. I definitely think busy is better :-)

I *need* to get outdoors every day, no matter what the weather. I'm glad that you got out today. That book looks so cool--let us know what you think of it.