Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Further Proof...

that one should never ever get too smug about juggling millions of tasks all at once.


**trying to get my French class up and running, confronted with a whole new world of technology that didn't exist when I last taught, five years ago; hoping that I won't make a total fool of myself in class--the language? no problem; the technology? ack!!!

**how to get in that all-so-important daily walk when there is a class to plan (see above), grocery shopping to be done (but not before a menu is planned), a banjo arrives in the mail, and there is a baseball game AND a soccer practice tonight?

**the banjo arrived--feel like I have twenty thumbs and no memory whatsoever of notes, music, anything... On the other hand, I am thrilled by my banjo and wish I could devote all day to it but can't because of... (see above)

**chickens?? thank goodness they are self-sufficient as long as the food and water is kept up; and they gave me five eggs today.

**and then, all of these "above's"??? They mean nothing when compared to Japan and Iraq and Afghanistan.

Chagrined, I will finish my post, take a deep breath, look around at my quiet house (the proverbial quiet before the storm, that is), and maybe take out the banjo again and try to figure out that clawhammer lick. I know I'll get it eventually.


Michelle said...

you've got a lot of plates spinning there

homehum said...

You are amazing! With all that you've got going on in your life, you still manage to keep perspective and look for the positive.