Monday, February 7, 2011

One Mystery Solved, One More to Go

I couldn't figure out why the chickens had suddenly stopped laying. Bunny--my especially regular gal--hasn't left an egg in two days. (Bunny is the chicken on the left of the blog heading.) She lays lovely, gigantic green eggs. I was starting to miss those eggs.

This afternoon I came home from walking Lady along the river to hear rustling in the neighbor's yard. A quick head count showed me that one chicken, Ruby, was missing. I went around the 6-foot fence only to find Ruby frantically trying to get back into our yard. I chased her all over the neighbor's yard, caught her, brought her back over, and proceeded to search for the escape route. While looking for how she made it over/under/or through the fence I found this:

There is a seventh egg just out of frame.

Distracted from my search and no longer sure where any of the chickens were, I went inside to find a colander for gathering all these delinquent offerings, only to find this when I came back out:

Ruby, on top of six eggs.

Mystery number one solved: I have my eggs again. Mystery number two: How in the heck did Ruby get in the neighbor's yard?

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