Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And on a Completely Different Note...

Life is not all sturm und drang at the Arnold house. The kids had a good day at school. Samuel came home from school to giant chocolate chip cookies and a little quiet chat with his mom. So happy was he, that he ate his cookies and then walked off to play with a friend. Let's hope the gamble pays off and he is in a good mood when he comes home.

I have a chicken en cocotte in the oven, a fancy term to mean a chicken in a dutch oven, browned and surrounded by onions and 12 garlic cloves and a couple sprigs of rosemary. I've never tried cooking chicken this way before but so far I'm happy with not having chicken fat splattered all over my oven. We're having mashed potatoes and sauteed chard, too. Why? Well, we're supposed to have a "winter storm" but so far all I see out my window is blue sky, white clouds, and a bunch of wind. Doesn't this meal seem to cry out for crappy weather? Yes. But no bad weather. Maybe when we eat it the clouds will roll in. I have to admit I'd like a little weather, crazy as that may be. Whatever.

And now we are headed off to a friend's house (picking Samuel up on the way) to see their brand new baby chicks. Very exciting. We're going to start up a chicken babysitting co-op--a perfect solution to those of us who want chickens but also want to be able to leave home once in a while. And hopefully my chicken en cocotte will not over-cook while we're out.

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