Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Blues

The crazy thing about homeschooling is that you never get to experience Monday Blues. Or Sunday Blues either, for that matter.

Grace got a healthy dose of both yesterday and this morning. I actually had to make her eat a little banana, drink some milk, brush her teeth, and then drove her the two blocks down to school to make sure she made it.

"Can't you just call me in sick today?"
"No sweetie, you're not sick, you're just feeling Monday jitters." Oh, and a bunch of separation anxiety, three years late.

Dang, it is weird to be having that conversation. But I actually don't feel conflicted about her going to school, which I guess would make it easier for me to give in and let her stay home. She had a good time last week, and she will this week, too. She starts a new schedule but she'll have a buddy to help her through it.

The only thing that really bugs me is lunch. She has such a short time to eat (my little gal who takes a half hour to eat half a sandwich) and can't sit with her friends who spend most of their paltry twenty-minute lunch waiting in line for "hot" lunch. I see all the good that Grace will gain from being at school; I also see all the things I just can't stand about school.

I hope she comes home happy.

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