Sunday, December 5, 2010

Miscellanea, or What Happens When You Procrastinate on Posting

What happens? I have a backlog of pictures (and an ailing camera, so no pictures yet) and stories and now I can't remember everything I wanted to share this past week.

It's been a good one, though:

the snow is slowly melting (although as I write big flakes are coming down);

the gigantic icicles on our eaves crashed to the ground last night (killing off half a rhododendren and waking me up all night long);

Dave repaired the coop ramp;

the chickens are still laying like crazy;

the Christmas tree is up;

lessons are being learned, poetry and stories written, plans made for gift-giving;

knitting is not going as quickly as I would like... though Grace is doing well on her dishcloth-sampler-sort of thing;

two, yes two Bing Crosby movies have been watched by the girls in the Arnold family in as many days;

much football is being consumed by the Arnold boys + one girl;

and a brilliant hike happened this morning at the state trooper land--crunchy snow barely touched by foot traffic, the scent of sagebrush lightly on the air, an incongruous sensation in this desert country.

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