Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sudden Transitions Part 2 (aka Sitka, Alaska)

Our ticket to Sitka

The Sitka Conservation Society and University of Alaska, Southeast invited Dave up to give a talk, a radio interview, and a book signing. By an incredible stroke of luck (and a lot of help from friends and family babysitting for us) I got to go, too. It was our first vacation alone since before the kids and it far exceeded our expectations. We absolutely loved Sitka, Dave was warmly received by environmentalists and fishermen alike, and we felt completely invigorated to be in a walking city, surrounded by interesting, funky sorts of people. In other words, a place that is drastically different from where we have lived for the past 12 years. We love where we live but Sitka spoke to a deeper place inside us.

Downtown Sitka

In Totem Park

I have fond memories of a picture of my grandpa in his naval uniform, standing in front of a totem pole in Sitka when he was stationed there. Maybe this is the very same totem pole?

Dave at the Sitka harbor. Unlike Bristol Bay, fishermen here use trollers to fish.

The Lutheran Cemetary

We were lucky to stay in this vacation rental--two blocks from a grocery store and two blocks from downtown Sitka.

At the top of a terrific hike. This is muskeg country here, boggy and space-age looking trees.

On the other side of the previous picture. This isn't the Tri-Cities, that's certain.

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