Sunday, October 10, 2010

Crazy Fall Weather

I should have known when I got up this morning that the brilliant blue sky, heavy warm air, and perfect calm would not last.

The floors that finally got swept and mopped after days of scattered mud and grass clumps; the blueberry muffins baked for "breakfast snacks" at our local ALE, HomeLink; the laundry that got hung up outside to dry (and then promptly taken back down); all of this could have waited while I got out for a walk. But I figured it would hold. I saw the signs that the weather wouldn't last but I blithely ignored them, happy for the opportunity to get stuff done while the rest of the gang was busy elsewhere. (Who am I kidding... they were watching football in the basement. Not so busy but definitely occupied.)

By the time my bread loaves emerged from the oven, sheets of rain not only replaced the sun, they absolutely shouted out, "No walk today!"

And so now I am tired, having continued on the overly industrious track I started this morning. But I have colcannon sitting on the stove in my beautiful red dutch oven, a glass of Jubelale at my side, and the Sunday NY Times Magazine to read, this week's issue completely devoted to food and communities brought together through food. And then to an early bed with Sherlock Holmes and undoubtedly Fluffy on my stomach, curled into my legs for warmth.

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